Smarten Saver 10 KVA

◆ User-Friendly LCD Display & Interface.
◆ Smart Solar Optimization Usage Settings.
◆ The battery is Always Charged through Solar Priority.
◆ Firstly Use Solar Power & Check Battery Charged Status After that Use Battery 20% if Solar Power is Available.
◆ Charged Battery Always from Solar as Well as Grid if Solar is not Sufficient.

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◆ The premium, technically advanced SAVER Solar PCU with technology from Germany and Taiwan combines the functions of a solar inverter and UPS and completely cancels the need to maintain separate power backup systems for powering equipment and computers.


◆ The SAVER Solar PCU provides a power-saving of 30% and charges at even low voltages like 90V. With a 10ms changeover time, triple protection, and an 88% system efficiency, SAVER helps you to enjoy continuous power even during extended power cuts and makes you lesser dependent on the power grid.


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